Gaelic Ireland (c.600-c. 1700): politics, culture and landscapes

Gaelic Ireland (c.600-c. 1700): politics, culture and landscapes

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Studies for the 'Irish Cheifs' Prize
‘Gaelic Ireland’, in this anthology, applies to the entire range of the period in which
Irish was the dominant language of a large portion of both the ruling classes of
Ireland and the Irish population at large, from the fifth century to the Battle of
Aughrim in 1691. It encompasses not only the political history of the period but
also the wider culture, literature, law, beliefs and traditions of Ireland. Regrettably,
this is an aspect of the Irish experience that has often been neglected at university
level, particularly with regard to the period following the advent of the Anglo- and
Cambro-Normans in the late twelfth century.

Genre(s): History

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